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Welcome to our blog section, where you can explore the fascinating world of scaling into new markets and delve into the intricacies of language and translation. Discover valuable insights, practical tips, and real-world case studies that help shed light on the linguistic and cultural considerations needed to scale successfully.

Navigating a Linguistic Labyrinth: Deutschfuchs & GORR Language Service Provider

Learning German has never been easier with Deutschfuchs and GORR!

Tailoring Your Content: Understanding Translation, Localization, and Transcreation 

Thinking of expanding the reach of your business, but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you through your options.

A Day in the Life of a GORR Project Manager 

At GORR, we think our PMs are the very best in the world and, in the hectic world of translation services, the role of a project manager at GORR is demanding, rewarding, and incredibly dynamic.

Turizem Bled: A GORR Case Study

Tourism and translation are often two sides of the same coin, but it was GORR’s expertise in this area coupled with Turizem Bled’s exciting offer that made this project so refreshing.

Endgame: The Translation Scandal That Shook the World

Translation services may not be a place you’d generally look for scandals, particularly royal ones, but here we are.

Localization and SEO – Why Do They Need One Another? 

Like chocolate and peanut butter, localization and SEO just go together. While both are amazing individually, their power reaches phenomenal new heights once combined.

The Annual Report: Unlocking the Global Potential of Your Business

Have you ever considered how important annual reports are to potential investors? GORR knows that having this vital document available in various languages is a big step that must be taken to move your business from national to multinational.

5 Reasons Being Bilingual Doesn’t Make You a Translator

Being bilingual is an amazing skill to possess, however, knowing a language and being able to translate it are very different things.

Software Translation and Localization: Connecting the World One Device at a Time 

The existence of software has entirely changed the way our world works. Software translation services naturally developed alongside it, giving global reach to devices of all kinds.

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