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Court translations


Court translations are done by sworn judicial translators, which are authorized by the Ministry of Justice.
Translations which need to be completed by certified sworn translators: diplomas, certificates, marital certificates, birth certificates, legal documentation, certificates of good conduct, court registers, documentation for public tenders abroad and other court translations.


The process of court translations
Court translations require a different procedure than the regular written ones, which is why we invite you to carefully read the short description of this process.
Court translation is always sealed and tied to the original with a string. A court translator always attaches his or her note advising about the adequacy of a translation, by which he or she ensures that translation and original are identical. Court translation is an official document, which can be used in official institutions around the world.


Please note that the translation agency GORR can supply you with court translations only in languages that are on the list of by the Ministry of Justice.
Court translation will be delivered to you for free!

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