The translation agency GORR d.o.o. (hereinafter: “GORR”, “we” or “us”) uses cookies and similar technologies on its website that enable the collection of data. 

This cookie policy contains information about which cookies we use, what we use them for and how you can manage your own cookie settings on our website. 

For further information on our use of cookies, please contact us at:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit our website. Cookies perform a variety of functions, which are set out in more detail below, and do not contain any personally identifiable information about you. Cookies may be placed on your device by us or by third parties.

Cookies are divided into essential, functional, analytical, and advertising cookies, according to the function they perform. 

Depending on who places cookies on your device, we distinguish between our own cookies (also known as first party cookies), which we place ourselves, and cookies placed by others (third party cookies).

 Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly online services and enable the website to function properly and be more secure. Cookies make the interaction between the user and the website faster and easier. They help the website to remember the individual’s preferences and experience, saving time and making browsing more efficient and enjoyable. They also help us understand how the website is performing, analyse what is working well and where there is room for improvement.

Which cookies do we use?

  1. Essential cookies are cookies without which our website does not function. 

Essential cookies cannot identify you as a user of our website and are only placed to enable us to display our website correctly. 

These cookies are always active, but you can deactivate them by changing the appropriate settings in your browser. Deleting essential cookies may result in reduced functionality of our website and may disable certain features of the website. 

  • Functional cookies are cookies that allow you to personalise our website according to your preferences. 

Functional cookies allow: 

  • The storage of your cookie settings,
  • The reporting of website malfunctions and the detection of abuse,
  • The website to be multilingual and to save your language settings,
  • The easier transfer of information in high traffic domains.

Functional cookies will be uploaded only if you agree to their use. You can always turn these cookies off within our cookie settings tool. You also have the option to delete cookies in your browser. 

  • Analytical cookies are cookies that tell us how users use our website, what the traffic to our website is, and what content is most frequently visited. 

Analytical cookies allow us to create analyses to better understand how our website works and to better personalise it for an enhanced user experience. 

These cookies measure the following parameters about our website: 

  • Information about the location of access to the website,
  • Information about the time of access to the website,
  • Information about the duration of use,
  • Information about which sections of the site are visited the most,
  • Information about the number of visits to the website,
  • Information about the download speed of the website,
  • Information about the random ID of each visitor.

Analytical cookies will be set if you agree to their use. You can always turn these cookies off within our cookie settings tool. You also have the option to delete cookies in your browser. 

  • Advertising cookies are cookies that allow us to tailor our advertisements to your preferences. 

These cookies collect:

  • Information about your online activity,
  • Information about your use of our website,
  • Information about your interests and ad preferences for the purpose of targeting advertising,
  • Information about your device (IP address, MAC address, device and browser information).

This information is used to create your user profile so that we can offer you more interesting advertisements that are relevant to your habits and interests. At the same time, we can use cookies to prevent the ads you see from being continuously repeated.  These cookies also help us to serve ads to you and others like you on social networks. 

Advertising cookies will be uploaded if you agree to their use. You can always turn these cookies off within our cookie settings tool. You also have the option to delete cookies in your browser. 

The exact list of cookies and their definition can be found at the bottom of this document. 

How can I edit my cookie settings?

  1. Using our tool

You can always edit your cookie settings on our website using the tool located at the bottom of the webpage.

You may change your preferences at any time, and any changes to your preferences will apply only to your future use of our website and will not affect your past interactions with the website. 

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you can edit your cookies in the pop-up window. 

  • In your browser

You can also edit your cookie settings in your browser. Note that in this case, it is necessary to edit the cookie settings for each individual browser you use. You may also need to reset your chosen cookie settings due to browser upgrades or other updates. 

To help you with the settings, here are links to the setup instructions for each browser:

You can also find further information on how to edit cookies in your browser within your browser’s settings. 

What information do we obtain from cookies and for what purposes do we use it? 

We use cookies to collect certain information about you to help us better understand how our website works, to help us tailor it so that you can use certain features, to provide you with tailored adverts, and to avoid repeating adverts that you have already seen. 

For these purposes, we collect:

  • Information about you: browsing data, information about your interests,
  • Information about your device: IP address, location, MAC number, default browser setting.

The data is collected in accordance with the cookies you choose and give us permission to use. 

How long do we keep the information that we get from cookies?

We keep the information collected by cookies until your consent is withdrawn. Data is anonymised for statistical analysis – in this case, identification is no longer possible. 

What rights do you have?

You have the same rights with regard to the processing of personal data carried out by us using cookies as you have with regard to the general processing of personal data. All your rights and how you can exercise them are set out in our Privacy Policy (*link to Privacy Policy).

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. The current version of the Cookie Policy is always available at:


For any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at:

Summary of cookies

The table below summarises all cookies on our website, their purpose, the duration, and whether the cookie is our own or a third party cookie.

Cookie nameCategoryDurationPurposeOrigin (our own or a third party cookie)
DSIDadvertising14 daysFor storing user settingsGoogle Doubleclick
IDEadvertising1 year 24 days 1 hour For displaying ads and targeting adsGoogle Doubleclick
NIDadvertising6 monthsfor serving ads or targeting ads, storing user preferencesGoogle Ads Optimisation
_Secure-3PSIDadvertising1 yearFor profiling the interests of visitors to the website in order to serve relevant and personalised ads through targeted advertisingGoogle
_Secure-3PSIDCCadvertising1 yearFor profiling the interests of visitors to the website in order to serve relevant and personalised ads through targeted advertisingGoogle
_GRECAPTCHAessential6 monthsTo distinguish between humans and robotsGoogle
c_useradvertising3 yearsFor storing user IDFacebook
datrfunctional3 monthsFor fraud preventionFacebook
fradvertising3 months For serving relevant ads to users, and for measuring and improving the performance of ads. The cookie tracks user behaviour on websites that have the Facebook Pixel analytics tool or a Facebook plug-in.Facebook
sbadvertising1 yearFor storing details about your browserFacebook
xsadvertising1 yearFor storing user IDFacebook
_fbpadvertising3 monthsFor displaying ads on Facebook or a digital platform that uses Facebook advertisingGORR
_gaanalytical2 yearsFor calculating data on the number of visitors, sessions, and advertising campaigns and monitoring the use of the website for analytical purposes (data is stored in anonymous form; each visitor receives a unique randomly generated number to identify them) (Google Analytics)GORR
_gat_UA-198876658-1analytical1 minuteFor limiting the amount of data recorded by Google on high-traffic websites (Google Analytics)GORR
_gidanalytical1 dayFor storing and counting page views, information on how visitors use the website (Google Analytics)GORR
_hjFirstSeenanalytical30 minutesFor determining whether a visitor has already visited the website or is a new visitor to the websiteGORR
_hjIncludedInSessionSample-3364829analytical2 minutesFor checking whether a visitor is included in the data samplingGORR
_hjIncludedInPageviewSampleanalytical2 minutesFor determining whether navigation and user interactions are included in the analysis of website dataGORR
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgressanalytical30 minutesFor detecting the first session when a user visits a pageGORR
_hjRecordingLastActivityanalyticalsessionFor storing actions performed on the website, storing sessionsGORR
_hjRecordingEnabledanalyticalsessionFor storing a sessionGORR
_hjSessionUser-3364829analytical1 yearEnsures that data from subsequent visits to the same website are attributed to the same user IDGORR
_hjSession-3364829functional30 minutesFor storing the data from the current sessionGORR
_hjTLDTestfunctional1 dayRecords statistics about user behaviour on the website. Used for the website operator’s internal analytics.GORR
CookieLawInfoConsentfunctional1 yearFor storing the user’s consent for choosing cookies for the current domainGORR
PH_HPXY_CHECKessentialWhen the browsing session endsFor detecting and preventing attacks on the websiteGORR
In_oranalytical1 dayFor recording statistical data about user behaviour on the website, for the website operator’s internal analyticsGORR
viewed_cookie_policyessential1 dayFor storing whether a cookie message has been displayed and whether the user has consented to the use of cookiesGORR
wp-wpml_current_languagefunctionalWhen the browsing session endsFor saving your current language settingsGORR
bcoolkiefunctional1 yearFor identifying the browser accessing the LinkedIn network, used for diagnostic purposes and to detect abuseLinkedin
bscookieadvertising1 yearFor identifying the browser that installs Linkedin’s content sharing buttons and ad tagsLinkedin
li_gcfunctional6 monthsFor storing guests’ consent to the use of cookies in the current domainLinkedin
lidcfunctional1 dayFor transferring information and making it easier to choose a data centreLinkedin
personalization_idadvertising1 year 1 month 4 daysFor integrating functionalities that allow the sharing of content on these social networks. It also stores information about how users use the website for the purposes of user tracking and targeted advertising.Twitter
muc_adsadvertising1 year 1 month 4 daysFor displaying ads on Twitter or a digital platform that uses Twitter advertisingTwitter



We use cookies and similar technologies on our website to enable us to obtain information about you. We use a variety of cookies, and on our website you may choose which cookies will be used. For more information on the use of cookies, please see our cookie policy.

You can change your settings at any time using our cookie settings tool. 

If you continue to use our website without selecting any of the options, essential cookies will be downloaded. 


*link to table below

Essential cookiesThey ensure the functioning of our websiteALWAYS ACTIVE
Functional cookiesThey allow you to customise our website (language settings, etc.)ACTIVATE
Analytical cookiesThey provide information about the use of our website, which we use to optimise and improve the user experienceACTIVATE
Advertising cookiesThey allow you to display personalised ads based on your user profileACTIVATE
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