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Virtually all. There is no request that we cannot deal with. Besides Slovenian, we most frequently translate English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian and Serbian language. We have also successfully translated such languages as Turkish, Albanian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition, we provide translations in almost every foreign language pair, i.e. translations that do not contain Slovenian either in the original not in the target text (English – German, English – Italian, Italian – French, etc.).

The daily output of a qualified translator is 5 to 6 standard pages. The latter varies depending on difficulty, the delivery deadline and the format of the text, as well as if a customer has special requirements. You will be informed about the precise date of delivery, i.e. the time the translation will take, when you receive an order confirmation. We always do our best to satisfy your expectations in terms of delivery, however, we can only confirm and guarantee a delivery deadline that we and our translators can actually achieve.

A regular translation is done by a translator who is qualified to translate a specific field or fields through many years of working as a translator and/or through education. The translation is additionally checked by a proofreader who is a native speaker of, or a proficient user of, the target (i.e. translated) language.

A court or official translation is produced by a translator nominated by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice. To merit the title of permanent court translator, he or she has to be particularly well acquainted with legal matters, as well as to undergo special education, examinations and grading. A court translator has a seal which he or she uses as a pledge that your original document and its translation are identical. He or she is also liable for potential translation errors.

You will usually require a court translation if you translate documents such as diplomas, a certificate of no criminal record or a marriage certificate that you need to submit to an official local or foreign agency (embassies, ministries, state administration offices, courts of justice, insurance offices, healthcare institutions, schools, universities, etc.). We have more than once experienced a client asking for a standard translation of the abovementioned documents, although we must stress that if you do so, you are fully aware of this and take full responsibility if such a translation is rejected.

A court translation is tied to the original with string. The document and the translation are fastened together and the translator puts his or her stamp on this and signs it. Please note that, after this procedure is completed, you can no longer physically separate your document from the translation.

We recommend that you scan your document and send it to us by email to info@gorr.si. This will allow us to see the document and inform you about the exact cost as soon as possible. Once you confirm your order, we will send a scanned copy of your document to our court translator, who can immediately start working on this.

To repeat, the original is tied to the translation, which is why you need to deliver it to us either in person, by sending it to us to the agreed address (either to the head office or to the branch office of the GORR Translation Center) or by post. Because we deal with important documents here, we take care to personally deliver these to the translator. We also ourselves take the translation from the translator and hand it to you in person, or send it to you via registered mail.

NOTE: Because the translation and your document can no longer be separated, we recommend that you visit a notary prior to sending a document for translation. There you will obtain a verified copy of your document that is administratively equal to the original and can be used for other purposes.

You can but, by doing so, you take full responsibility that such a document might be rejected.

It often happens that someone needs a translation very quickly, claiming that he or she only has a “couple of sentences”. In reality, those couple of sentences sometimes even turn into a couple of standard pages. When we talk about the amount of text, in the GORR Translation Center we refer to a standard page (PGs – Slovenian AS, an abbreviation from avtorska stran) as a basic unit, where one standard page amounts to 1500 characters without spaces.

In the GORR Translation Center we have different prices for translations to and from Slovenian, as well as for translations in a foreign language pair. We have four groups of languages which vary depending on their difficulty and frequency in Slovenia and in a wider region.
   1. Group of foreign languages: Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Serbian.
   2. Group of foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Macedonian, German, Spanish.
   3. Group of foreign languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian.
   4. Group of foreign languages: Albanian, Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish.

The price of your translation therefore depends on whether you need a translation to or from Slovenian and to which group your language belongs. The price refers to (1) one standard page calculated in the original document.

If you think that a price seems too much, don’t despair! Call us on our mobile numbers 040 507 974 or 040 800 691 or email us to info@gorr.si. We will do our best to give you an (additional) discount.

Individuals pay for the service in advance, based on our offer or pro forma invoice which you usually receive by email. You can settle this either electronically, at the post office or at a bank. We do not start a translation until we receive a payment confirmation or a payment itself. You will receive a bill together with the translation.

Individuals can also pay in cash, if a handover of documents takes place in person. You will also receive a bill straight away.

Businesses and other organizations receive a bill on completion of the service, after we have set the terms of payment, which can be 8, 15 or 30 days from the invoice date. The GORR Translation Center reserves the right to demand prepayment from businesses or other organizations as well, if it estimates that a client might refuse to pay or cause a delay in payment.

The price includes a translation completed by a translator who is qualified for the specific topic, and proofreading carried out by a native speaker or someone who is a proficient user of a target (i.e. translated) language. When you request a court translation, the price includes a translation produced by a court translator, who guarantees his or her work by including a stamp and a signature on the document, as well our transportation costs to and from the translator. The total price also includes the price of printing and of (registered) postage, if we send your translations in the post.

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The translation center GORR offers quality translations from and to a variety of foreign languages. Our key guidelines are professionalism and knowledge.

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