Turizem Bled: A GORR Case Study

Tourism and translation are often two sides of the same coin, but it was GORR’s expertise in this area coupled with Turizem Bled’s exciting offer that made this project so refreshing.

Bled, Slovenia in winter, the location of a winter wellness event that GORR Language Service Provider translated for.

Today’s case study will focus on our work with Turizem Bled, the public agency tasked with all tourism activities taking place in and around the town of Bled, undoubtedly one of Slovenia’s most magical destinations. 

Bled, Slovenia in summer, where GORR Language Service Provider assisted with translations for a winter wellness event.

In this instance, Turizem Bled aimed to promote a progressive winter wellness event, which featured a series of activities designed to enhance health and well-being, including winter swimming with guidance from Emil Ledenko, a Spartan warm-up session led by members of the Slovenian Spartan Race Team, and yoga sessions with Tamara Manojlović focusing on visualization techniques. This event, offered in collaboration with Sava Hotels Bled, sought to attract both local and international participants. 

Understanding the importance of accurately conveying the essence and specifics of this unique event to a global audience, Turizem Bled enlisted the expertise of GORR Language Service Provider for the translation of their promotional content from Slovene to English. 

Challenges Faced

Bled Castle overlooking the town of Bled, where a winter wellness event took place that GORR Translation Service translated for.

The project presented several challenges. To begin, the content involved a mix of extreme sports, health-related activities, and wellness offerings, requiring precise translation to convey the intended message accurately. The potential health risks associated with winter swimming and extreme sports demanded careful attention to detail to ensure all events, requirements, and activities were properly communicated to avoid accidents, misunderstandings and potential disappointment among attendees. 

The Translation Process

A church in Bled, Slovenia, the town that held winter wellness events and GORR Language Service Provider translated for Turizem Bled.

Our team approached the project with our signature dedication to quality and precision. Accuracy was of particular importance for activities like ice baths, winter swimming, and the Spartan warm-up, where a lack of clarity could lead to serious health risks for participants with pre-existing conditions.  

The accurate translation of these elements ensured that potential attendees knew exactly what to expect and could immediately assess if the event was appropriate for them. Moreover, our translator was also attentive to any cultural nuances or differences that could impact the interpretation of the content. As the text was also meant for non-native speakers of English, it was vital that the language used was relatively neutral and clear. 

Quality Assurance and Proactive Communication

The church on the island in Bled, GORR Language Service Provider translated for their winter event.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we always include a comprehensive revision process into our translation workflow. After completing the initial translation, the text underwent rigorous review by experienced linguists to check for any errors or inconsistencies. This step is crucial in ensuring the final product maintains our high standards of quality. 

Should the revision process reveal discrepancies or issues in the source file, our Project Managers always notify clients promptly. While our PMs are always prepared to make recommendations for improvement, they also understand and respect their client’s preferences and refrain from making any alterations without explicit approval.  

Cultural Sensitivity

An arial view of Bled, host of a winter health event translated by GORR.

Recognizing the international target audience, we ensured that the translation was not only linguistically accurate but also culturally sensitive. This included providing clear instructions on registration, payment, event location, and timings, and addressing a common industry challenge, where vague or incomplete descriptions often deter potential attendees or lead to an overall dissatisfaction with the event. Our awareness of the client’s target audience and needs is what gives us the perspective required to do the job right the first time. 

Client Satisfaction

Bled in the fog, the winter location for a heath event translated by GORR Language Service Provider.

Thanks to our meticulous approach, the translated materials surpassed Turizem Bled’s expectations. The agency praised the accuracy and attention to detail displayed in the translations, noting that the content effectively conveyed the essence of the winter event. By ensuring that all essential information was clearly communicated, GORR helped Turizem Bled attract a diverse range of participants to their events. 

Moreover, the comprehensive and accurate descriptions provided by GORR helped mitigate potential health risks associated with the activities offered, ensuring a positive and safe experience for all attendees. 

This collaboration resulted in successes on both sides of the aisle. Through our rigorous translation and quality assurance processes, our highly skilled language professionals were able to ensure that the target audience would easily and effortlessly be able to assess each event as well as their own suitability for it, joining only if they felt it was appropriate for them. Doing so means that only those who are truly interested and prepared for such activities attend, increasing the satisfaction level of participants exponentially. 

By ensuring that our exceptional linguistic services were tailored to the unique needs of the project, Turizem Bled was able to further enhance both Bled and Slovenia’s reputation as a top destination for safe, innovative health and wellness tourism. 


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