Looking for a reliable and trustworthy live interpretation provider?

Then you have come to the right place. When the world went 100% virtual in March 2020 and all events moved online, at GORR we embraced new online interpretation technologies and kept supporting our clients with interpretation, no matter the language or location. Live interpretation has become the new reality and it seems we will never turn back. Not only do you no longer need to calculate travel and accommodation costs, but your event can take place literally anywhere in the world.

What do our live interpretation services include?

Live interpretation is basically the same as on-site interpretation, except that interpreters do not commute and show up at the particular venue but join your sessions online. Rather than miles, your interpreters are basically only a couple of clicks away. So all you need to do is to arrange some extra licenses for our interpreters and you are good to go for a meeting with your international partners.

Why choose our live interpretation services?

We know that your business is important to you, so when it comes to online interpretation, rest assured you are in good hands. At GORR, we are super responsive to your needs and look for the perfect fit given the topic, speaker and audience of your live interpretation event. Covering all major world languages, we pick professional and experienced interpreters who will make sure no one is lost in translation at your online session.

Why choose GORR?

When it comes to translation, we are aware that every detail matters and that there is no room for mistakes. That is one of the core reasons for you to entrust your translations to an accredited translation company. At GORR, we offer you:

  • High responsiveness and fast turnarounds

  • A friendly team available virtually 24/7

  • Customized workflows and thorough checks for accuracy

  • Multidisciplinary experience gained globally

  • Translations of all European and major world languages

A new frontier awaits!

Contact us to find out how our tailored translation and localization services can help you scale up quickly and seamlessly.

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