Our patent translation services cover all patents and all languages.

When you are trying to get your invention patented, you need to do it separately in every country – rather than going for a single global patent claim. Before submission, each patent claim then needs to be translated to the particular local language. And when you have come up with a revolutionary idea, you will probably decide to have it protected and patented in as many countries and languages as possible.

What do our patent translation services include?

Patent translators come in many forms and profiles, depending of the field your patent belongs to. While all of them need to know the general requirements of patent wording, each patent asks for a specialist of its own. Depending on the subject, your translator can be an expert for mechanical patents, drug and life science patents, software and hardware patents, etc.

Patents are tricky, do not make translation add to that.

Patents and patent claims should follow a strict form and terminology base which is why it is so vital to use true patent experts to do your translations. Covering all major world languages, we use experienced patent translators who make sure the wording of your patent claims is accurate and unambiguous. They also know the ins and outs of how the patent process works, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Why choose GORR?

When it comes to patent translation, we are aware that every detail matters and that there is no room for mistakes. That is one of the core reasons for you to entrust your translations to an accredited translation company. At GORR, we offer you:

  • High responsiveness and fast turnarounds

  • A friendly team available virtually 24/7

  • Customized workflows and thorough checks for accuracy

  • Multidisciplinary experience gained globally

  • Translations for all European and major world languages

A new frontier awaits!

Contact us to find out how our tailored translation and localization services can help you scale up quickly and seamlessly.

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